This project was in collaboration with @radtinyhome to create lifestyle product imagery for brand collaborations and sharing on her blog/social media. My role on this project was creative director, photographer, and editor of this entire project. 
The Goal of this Project: Create lifestyle imagery with different products that she uses daily for her brand collaborations & to have imagery to share alongside her own stories on her blog.
Visual Keywords & Concepts: Sustainable, Integrative, Minimal, Natural
Challenges of this Project: During this project we were working with natural light, and at one point we actually started to lose light and needed to finish up our shots as quickly as we could. We got all the shots we needed just in time! 
 What Made This Project Special to Me: Working with Sophie @radtinyhome was super inspiring and totally aligned because of her mission and how she lives her values every day. She cares about the environment & the people that she goes out of her way to support cleaner, more sustainable brands & she educates on how everyone can implement small changes into their own lives! 

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