This project with Heaven on Earth Wellness Spa was to create lifestyle product imagery & a few short vertical videos for use on website & social media. My role on this project was creative director, photographer, videographer and editor of this entire project. 
Visual Keywords & Concepts: Relaxation, Self-love, Connection, Experience, Longevity
The goal of this project: Create lifestyle imagery & short video with talent to highlight the benefits of the experiences, educate the consumer, and share brand values through visual concepts. 
Challenges of this project: This project was challenging because this was a new business and they didn't know exactly what they needed. I did consulting and creative directing to the best of my ability to give them the look they were trying to achieve and I stuck around after the project to help them get organizing on posting on social with intention. They were actually able to grow from almost zero followers to between 1,200-3,000 within their first year of starting their instagram! 
What made this project special to me: Working with Heaven on Earth was very aligned for me, and I felt like I was truly adding value to my own community. Yodit has such an amazing heart, and that shows in the work that she does. I truly believe she's a visionary in my community & I was happy to be a part of this project of getting this brand off the ground! 

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