I was hired by New Chapter create lifestyle product imagery for use on website, social media, and print. My role on this project was creative director, photographer, and editor of this entire project.
Visual Keywords & Concepts: Plant Powered, Natural, Sustainable.
The Goal of this Project: Create lifestyle imagery with talent to highlight ingredients & reinforce benefits of the products through visual concepts. 
Challenges of this Project: This project was challenging because it was shotlist of 150 images & I had to think outside the box to get variety in those shots. I learned through these multiple shoots how helpful it can be to have an assistant or stylist on set to support the entire vision. I felt empowered & trusted throughout the process. Communication was vital at the beginning stages of pre-production and made scheduling smooth when shipping the product.
 What Made This Project Special to Me: Working with New Chapter was inspiring because as a Certified B-Corp, they care just as much about the people & environment as much as profit. When I work with brands and businesses that my values truly align with, my creative energy flows, and we can work more deeply to solve their specific needs.

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