This project with Lake Superior Linen was to create lifestyle product imagery & a few short vertical videos for use on website & social media. My role on this project was creative director, photographer, videographer and editor of this entire project. 
Visual Keywords & Concepts: Minimalist, Thoughtful, Fun, Original, Creative
The goal of this project: Create lifestyle imagery & short video with talent to highlight the textures of products, educated the consumer, and share brand values through visual concepts. 
Challenges of this project: This project was challenging because there was a ton of styling. We booked a studio for a whole day, and I was a one woman show with multiple talent coming to the location throughout the day. I learned through this shoot how important it is to have a team for bigger productions to help support the mission and vision. Regardless of the challenges I faced on the shoot day, I felt empowered & trusted throughout the process and the client was happy with what we were able to achieve. 
What made this project special to me: Working with Lake Superior Linen was inspiring because they are a local sustainable brand who cares about the sourcing of materials. Mike was so transparent when it came to talking about his products, and I really appreciated that. Not only did I love the creation process, but working with Lake Super Linen was such a wonderful collaborative process. 

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